Open source physics photogate kit

Photogate shield for Arduino

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Photogate shield for Arduino

KiCad design files and Gerber files for the PCB can be downloaded from the project page at


Shield Images


Shield BOM

Ref Qty Description Vendor Part #
1 Photogate shield board v1.1 IO Rodeo  
D1,2 2 Red LED Jameco 202471
P1,2 2 RJ11 jack Digikey A31406-ND
SW1 1 Reset button Digikey P8006S-ND
R1,2 2 220 Ohm resistor, 1/8W Digikey CF18JT220RCT-ND
R3,4,5,6 4 5.6 K Ohm resistor, 1/8W Digikey CF18JT5K60CT-ND
R7, R8 2 150 Ohm resistor, 1/8W Digikey CF18JT150RCT-ND
1 Breakaway header, 40pos Digikey A32701-40-ND

Programming Arduino with photogate firmware

Note: If you received a pre-programmed Arduino with your photogate kit you can skip this section.

To build the photogate firmware you will also need the Arduino Streaming library [1].

  • Download the Arduino photogate firmware from
  • Unzip the .zip archive. The firmware is located in the firmware subfolder
  • Connect your Arduino board. Launch the Arduino IDE [2] and open the main firmware file “firmware.ino”
  • Select the Arduino Uno board model
  • Select the serial port it is using – under “Tools” menu of the Arduino IDE
  • Upload the photogate firmware to the Arduino board.


[1]Arduino streaming library download: Instructions for installing Arduino libraries can be found here:
[2]Arduino IDE installation instructions available at More detailed instructions for using the Arduino IDE can be found at

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